Fix & Flip Loans

Fix & Flip loan programs to suit every borrower

Are you renovating a property and need short-term financing to cover the purchase and/or rehab? Strategic Funding offers hard money Fix & Flip rehab loans that make funding your deals straightforward and easy.

We offer two different Fix & Flip loan programs in Central Virginia and surrounding areas, plus transactional funding, giving borrowers the opportunity to decide which approach is best suited to their own unique circumstances and goals. Which is right for you?

Transaction funding is ideal for simultaneous closings, short sales, wholesalers, etc. We will coordinate with your closing agent to facilitate a fluid and pleasant transaction.

How it works

A one to three day, back to back real estate transaction funding that involves 3 parties, and 2 stand alone closings.

“A” – Seller

“B” – Investor (Using transactional funding.)

“C” – End buyer

“A” sells to “B” (AB closing) and “B” sells to “C” (BC closing)

The C end buyer’s funds must already be in escrow when the AB closing takes place.

We charge 2 points or a minimum of $2,000, whichever is greater.

Please call us to discuss further.